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Better Together

Human Resources Management Made Easy

Define Goals & Culture

It’s important.  I truly believe people want to be part of something, feel their contributions make a difference, and work within an environment that aligns with values and beliefs.  If you haven’t defined your vision, mission, or core values, you run the risk of unfocused efforts, missing out on attracting the best talent, and keeping your staff engaged and productive. 

Defining who you are takes involvement from many layers within the organization who are committed to future success.  I work with individuals and groups to find out current and aspirational environmental states.  I use this data to present my findings to frame the visualization of purpose, high-level actions to get you there, and behaviors to support those goals.  I then work with a small group of select constituents to develop effective language and messaging.

Find & Manage the Best Talent

It goes without saying, the people who make up your organization are your most valuable asset.  Finding them is not easy, not to mention evaluating and selecting who you hope will be the best. I can take hope out of it by developing effective messaging across various platforms to position you as the employer people want to work for.  Social media, in-person networking events, print material – penetrating a number of sources will increase your odds, and attractive communications will draw them in.


Once you get them breaking the door down, you need tools to navigate the candidates and hiring managers through the process.  Candidates need to know what would make them successful, what the goals are, and how they will be measured and communicated with.  Timely communications throughout the process will keep them engaged. 


Managers need to be clear on their important role throughout the process, and how their messaging to the candidate pool can bring ‘em in or turn ‘em away.  They need to know the skills, abilities, knowledge and cultural fit they are looking for.  I can develop tools to help them do just that.  Job description, role delineation, process definition, interview guides and selection tools will help ensure your candidate selections will be successful.

Help Them Grow

Job descriptions and process manuals set the stage for the work, and applied skills/abilities/knowledge get the work done.  But is it to your satisfaction?  Does the employee know if they are performing well or not?  A map is key to success.  It starts with defining goals and expectations, continues with regular feedback and recognition programs, and wraps up with formal reviews.  Repeat.  I can develop a performance management process and tools that fit your organization’s culture, and train managers to use it well.  I can help managers find the right words to get their messages across, and help employees understand how to receive feedback for their benefit.  It’s also tough to address poor performers, especially when you know they mean well.  Getting past those emotions and providing objective feedback will lead to results.


Engagement has been a buzz word of late, but solid retention strategies are built on it.  Engagement means many things, but to me, it means two things:  giving a hoot and doing something about it.  Caring about the work you produce means you have a stake in the game and you know how what you do contributes.  Taking action means that you don’t wait for others and you don’t blame others.  You understand that the only person you can control is yourself and it’s through that understanding that caring action becomes the normal behavior.  I can provide tools and training to ensure the entire organization is aligned with engaging behaviors.

Employee Relations Counsel

and Investigation Services

I provide the foundational elements and combine that with management training on how to prevent issues from rising and handling them when they do, with professionalism and respect.  Ignorance of the law is no excuse for a manager; I can provide policy and training to ensure your managers are aware of their responsibilities and work with these laws to provide a productive, harmonious work environment.

Like it or not, employee grievances are a part of doing business.  Whether it’s reacting to an employee complaint or responding to a serious charge of harassment or discrimination, an investigation is necessary to determine facts and set a course of action.  I have personally conducted hundreds of investigations over my career, from low level to the more serious (sexual harassment/assault).  I have taken each seriously, conducting them with a strategic approach, thoroughness, and an engaged and approachable style.  My expertise lies in determining facts and motivations, documenting findings and recommending action.

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