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Enjoy Healthy Morale 


Engagement Solutions 

  • Engagement is the connection your human resources have to their work, management, and your business. The highly engaged are productive, happy, and help bring the company to higher levels. The contrary does nothing but poison the team and bring the business down. 

  • I’ll utilize tools to measure engagement levels, determine where improvements can be made, and where recognition should be awarded. The team will be included in the process to evoke ownership and a commitment to making your workplace the best it can be. 

Retention Strategies 

  • In this age of “great resignation,” having a keen eye toward retaining your well-performing human resources is more important than ever. Challenges are abundant and are most recently evident in the post-pandemic quandary over on-site vs. remote work environments as well as demand for higher pay. The quality work life has been an essential element for employees, leaving you challenged to provide it better than your competition. 

  • I’ll work with the team to identify their wants and needs and develop strategies and tactics to ensure high quality experiences in the workplace. 

Reward Systems 

  • Recognition is a fundamental need. As Forbes Advisor noted in a May 2023 article, “Employees who are recognized for their work are more likely to be satisfied and fulfilled in their jobs, contribute more, and stay long-term at the company.” 

  • Whether it's verbal praise, prizes, gifts, or other monetary/non-monetary rewards, I’ll customize a program that aligns with your business and inspires your team to greatness. 

Employee Grievance Resolution 

  • Despite best efforts to achieve workplace harmony, situations may arise when someone feels wronged. Complaints can range in severity from personality conflicts to workplace harassment or violence. In any situation, the way management handles a grievance can significantly affect the complainant’s actions, such as deciding whether or not to seek legal assistance to right their perceived wrong. 

  • Conducting a thorough investigation requires timely action, planning, thoroughness, and an objective eye. Experience has taught me well that there is more than one side to any story, and perception has as much weight as reality. I’ll help get to the facts and recommend appropriate corrective action and communication strategies.  

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