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Find and Manage Talent 


Interview & Selection Tools 

  • Recruiting new hires is expensive! The average cost per hire in 2023 was $4,700. That’s money right out the door if you don’t hire human resources who fit your needs. Well-crafted tools will help you hire talent with the expertise you seek and the cultural fit to mesh well with the team. I’ll work with you to create simplistic and pragmatic tools to navigate recruiters through job posting copy, applicant screening, and final selection based on behavioral interview techniques. 

  • My screening and in-depth interview tools contain exploratory questions to ensure technical skills, work habits, and values align with the needs of the business. Training on using and analyzing these tools will help management make the best hiring decisions. 

Job Descriptions & FLSA Exemption Testing 

  • Job descriptions detail what is expected from each position and clarify desired results. How the results are obtained will depend on the individual’s actions to get there. They also ensure managers and applicants know the minimum entrance requirements, such as education, experience, or technical knowledge. 

  • Descriptions must also include legal requirements, such as mental and physical job requirements and the proper FLSA designation as exempt or non-exempt for overtime pay regulations. 

Onboarding Experiences 

  • Newly hired human resources need to know their job expectations, company information, and how to best represent your brand.  A warm welcome that makes them feel really good about their choice to work for you goes a long way. This “first impression experience” strongly affects performance and retention. 

  • I’ll create tools that incorporate the most important company and policy information, ensure the mission, vision, and core values are fully understood, and the new team member is set up for success. 

Performance Feedback Tools 

  • Feedback on performance is essential for individual and team growth. It provides accolades for jobs well done, which increases the motivation to continue at a high rate. When discussed frequently, it can ensure the team is on the right track or provide course correction that is sustained. It also provides focused time to build solid working relationships with open communication. 

  • Whether your business would benefit from a formal process with goal setting and annual reviews, or a more simplified version of feedback, I’ll customize it to your needs. Either way, feedback is best when it includes performance within the scope of technical expertise, work habits, values alignment, and, of course, results. 

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